Miraculous Recovery from Serious Accident

Surviving a Fall from a Two Storey Building

Excerpted from the Foreword of Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method: An Advanced Self-Healing System for the New Humanity

By Jandy Anderson

To talk of healing is to invite a transformation. This book and healing method offer such an invitation. I had the great fortune of meeting Mada Eliza Dalian in the year 2000. Meeting her was a game changer for me. After working with her and being introduced to the Dalian Method™ (DM), my concept of healing and personal transformation radically changed. What follows describes the pivotal role Mada and the Dalian Method played in my healing from a major accident.

It was a gorgeous day in July 2008. My friend Sandy and I decided to enjoy the warm, sunny day outside on the second floor communal balcony of my apartment building. When we closed the door, it unexpectedly locked behind us. We were trapped. We called for help but no one heard us.

There was a fire escape ladder mounted on the wall of the building. Using it seemed the best way out of the predicament. I opened the hinged door and stepped onto the ladder. My knee hit the wall. I looked at Sandy and said, “I feel dizzy. I think I’m going to faint.” I lost consciousness and fell backwards all the way to the ground. Terrified, Sandy rushed down the ladder thinking I may have died. Blood was dripping from my head and my body began to convulse. Sandy was quick to call the ambulance and stabilize me.

In the beginning, the medical team at Vancouver General Hospital was not sure if I was going to make it. I had cracked the back of my skull, severely shattered my L1 vertebrae into more than 30 pieces, and sustained a traumatic brain injury. I was vomiting blood. Seven staples had been inserted into my skull to fuse the breakage. The severity of my brain injury was causing delays in the urgently needed spinal surgery. My friends and family were at my bedside day and night, extremely worried and concerned. Two days after the accident, a spinal surgeon was able to insert two rods and four screws into my back.

I have little memory of this time. For the first three days following the accident I drifted in and out of consciousness. When I regained full consciousness, my first instinctive interpretation of what had happened was that I had experienced a miracle and had been given a gift. Although my body was severely injured and I was weak, nauseous, and felt pain in my spine, I was inexplicably peaceful inside. I felt a sense of expanded consciousness and knew that I was, and would be, fine. What troubled me most, however, was an intermittent stabbing pain in my head. It was like a hot arrow alternately hitting my forehead and the top of my head from inside.

Five days after the accident Mada came to see me. I’ll never forget the first thing she told to me that day in the hospital. “You look great,” she said with a smile. Very few people would have said that, as on that day, I looked terrible physically. I had a ghastly black eye and looked very pale and weak. But Mada could see beyond my physical state. The sense that my consciousness had expanded from receiving such an amazing gift of life was visible to her.

photo credit: Hans Schwerdel

photo credit: Hans Schwerdel

Mada was the only person I had seen since my accident who was able to recognize the full impact of my fall. Of course, she could see the damage to my physical body, but she could also see the blessing the accident had bestowed on me psychologically and spiritually. She could see that my awareness, trust, and appreciation of life had grown enormously. I did not have to explain this to her. She knew the moment she saw me that something had changed deep within me. I felt very supported in her presence. It was an incredible relief to be greeted by someone who could see the full spectrum of what was truly happening inside me, in contrast to the chaos of the hospital treatments and the worry of my loved ones.

While talking to the nurse, who had come to check on me, the extreme stabbing pain in my head started again. Without hesitation Mada knew what to do and how to help me. She looked at what was repressed in my energy and did a quick DM session with me on the spot. Within minutes I realized that due to other people’s concerns and fears, I was repressing my inner knowingness that I was okay and had nothing to worry about.

With Mada’s help I was able to openly verbalize the awareness of my inner well-being. I had been withholding this awareness from others due to my fear that they would not understand me. Once I verbalized out loud my inner awareness that I had nothing to worry about, Mada then helped me to anchor it in my body and feet.

The stabbing head pain stopped as soon as she finished working with me, and to this day, I have never had the pain again, not even once. The disabling impact of such a devastating injury could have lasted for years, or perhaps even my whole life, if it had not been for Mada’s treatment. I recovered with extraordinary speed and ease, and without the need of any medications.

My occupational therapist at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre (a medical facility that specializes in the rehabilitation of people with brain injuries) was amazed at how quickly I was recovering from such a severe injury. When I went for a follow-up appointment with my neurosurgeon (I ended up not requiring neurosurgery), he too was surprised at the speed and progress of my recovery. In particular, he could not believe that I no longer had headaches. He questioned me about this, saying that statistically everyone would normally experience headaches from this type of injury. I told him about the quick healing I received from Mada’s method. He was intrigued by the extraordinary results he saw from an unconventional method and said, “Well, maybe she knows something we don’t.” I thought to myself, “Yes, she absolutely does, and isn’t it wonderful that you are open to that possibility!”

This experience made a tremendous difference in my life, not for that moment alone, but for the years that have followed. Since that day, I have never again doubted my inner voice and well-being. After my accident, I completed a university degree and now hold a full-time position in helping people with disabilities. I create programs to help them move towards greater health and independence.

My story is one among many stories of dramatic transformations that have happened as a result of Mada’s gifts and the method of healing that she has created. The Dalian Method is a truly unique healing technique. It stands out from other healing modalities in a multitude of ways. One of its outstanding qualities is that you don’t need ongoing treatments to endlessly deal with the same issue. Mada’s work and her healing system don’t encourage dependence. The Dalian Method helps people to rely on and use their own inner strength and power.

Mada is truly a light in the darkness. She teaches that we already have everything we need within our own being to heal and free ourselves from pain and suffering. Going through great lengths and tremendous effort she has carefully developed a practical tool that each person can use to transform their fears, pain, and ailments, and, through the process of healing into consciousness find their authentic voice and freedom. There are many souls here, and beyond, who feel a tremendous gratitude to Mada for this phenomenal gift that she is sharing with us. She has dedicated her life to helping people be free of pain and suffering.

Without having worked under the guidance of such a formidable master I truly believe that my life would have been significantly harder. As a result of working with Mada and the Dalian Method I have learned to read my own repressed thoughts and emotions, release them from my body, heal my insecurities, find and honor my inner strength and intelligence, trust my intuition, and live my life with more meaning and joy.

I am very happy for you to experience the benefits of the Dalian Method for yourself and take a cosmic leap on your own journey of healing and transformation.