Jandy offers private Dalian Method Sessions and Meditation Training Sessions. She also offers workshops, presentations and classes. Please feel free to book a complimentary consultation to find out more. You can click on the appointment types at the bottom of the page and schedule yourself into the calendar.


Appointments are available both virtually via video call and in person. We’ll sort that part out after you’ve booked. If you’re not finding an appointment time that suits you, reach out and we’ll find a time that works. In Vancouver, private sessions are also available with Jandy at the Local Integrative Health Clinic, near Commercial and Broadway.

So what is the Dalian Method?

The Dalian Method is a revolutionary self-healing system. It was created by Mada Eliza Dalian. It is a guided step-by-step process of breathing techniques, out loud verbal expression and body movement. A Dalian Method session is a transformational process that wakes up your consciousness and gives you a way to heal any issue.

A Dalian Method session gives you a practical and effective way to become aware of and release the root cause of issues like fear, pain, jealousy and anxiety. This results in living with a lot more love, joy, freedom and peace. The Dalian Method has aspects of meditation contained within it.

The comment we hear time and time again from our clients about the Dalian Method is that it is the most powerful healing system they have ever discovered.


“The Dalian Method session gave me things I was always looking for. I can’t recommend anything for improvement. It was perfect. “ Joyful Rebellion Workshop participant, Melbourne, March 2019

Importantly, the Dalian Method is a self-healing method which means that you can practice it on your own if you have the Healing the Body and Awakening Consciousness kit. Having a facilitated session or attending a class or workshop is a great way to prepare yourself for a home self-healing practice. You can find out more on our about page.

“A Dalian Method session with Jandy is transformation in action. Her strength and gentleness create a safe experience which encourages exploration and expression of our deepest emotions. While talking & writing are beneficial to help integrate the changes that arise, DM goes so much deeper than any other therapy I’ve tried. I also love the freedom DM offers - to maintain my own practice in between facilitated sessions with Jandy.” Hope Sollows


The Dalian Method can be used to help adults and youth heal from any of the following issues:

  • mental health issues

  • grief and loss

  • fear and uncertainty

  • chronic pain and disease

  • injury and trauma

  • addiction

  • digestive issues and weight problems

  • sexual issues

  • low energy

  • welcoming peace, inner stillness, trust and joy

  • forgiveness/opening the heart

  • relationship issues

  • career and money issues

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“Jandy was an excellent guide and facilitator. This was a transformational session, I am changed through my awareness and encountering my fears. It was a gift. The Dalian Method is incomparable in the depth of awareness achieved through the methodical expression of emotions and long held pain, fears, beliefs, all exposing the inner truth of my being.” S.A. MSW

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