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Be Your Own Healer - Vancouver

  • Unity Yoga 1672 E 10th Ave Second Floor Vancouver Canada (map)

Be Your Own Healer! This short workshop will give you a chance to learn practical techniques you can use in your daily life to improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We get conditioned throughout our lives to find the answers outside of us and to look to others for healing and deeper truth. The problem with this is that, contrary to societal beliefs, healing is not something that can be done to you and the truth is not something anyone outside of you can give you. You must find it for yourself from your own inner exploration. While others can be very helpful to shine a light or offer a hand or a service along the way, ultimately we are each the captains of our own ships and are each responsible for our own health, wellbeing and contributions to the world we share. The techniques we are sharing in this workshop can make a BIG difference in your ability to heal yourself, find personal empowerment, inner security and clarity within. 

The workshop will be offered in two parts, as follows:

Part I (Facilitated by Myriame Lyons)

This segment will feature grounding techniques. Grounding techniques are exercises that everyone can do (by themselves, with another person or in a group format) to calm their physiological system (fight-flight-freeze response). People often use grounding techniques when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or numb to come back to a calm presence. The techniques offered in this workshop will be based in breath work and body movement. Participants will be able to use these techniques in their home, car and workplace.  

Part II (Facilitated by Jandy Anderson)

This segment will feature a short version of the Self-Healing Dalian Method, created by multi-award winning author and modern-day mystic, Mada Eliza Dalian. The Dalian Method is a guided step-by-step process that uses breathing techniques, out-loud verbal expression and body movement. It is a transformational proces that wakes up your consciousness and gives you a way to heal any issue or solve any problem. 

You will be invited to use the Dalian Method's brilliant system of self-discovery to find an answer to your own question. You will be increasing your access to your own inner knower! Come prepared with a question. Examples of good questions could be: What insight do I need about X relationship? What do I need to know about my work place situation? What insight do I need about my life right now? How can I be happier? How can I reduce my stress? What is the right next step for me in my career? Where should I live? How can I deal with X behaviour from my child/partner?

It really can be any question at all! You pick.

For more info about the Dalian Method, please visit Evolutionary Healing's website. Or Mada Eliza Dalian's website.


Myriame Lyons, MA, CCC, RCC has worked in the field of health and wellness for over 5 years supporting different populations with varying challenges. By cultivating a sense of togetherness, Myriame works with individuals and family members faced with anxiety & depression, grief & loss, burnout, chronic illnesses (diseases), and life transitions. As a Bilingual Clinical Counsellor, she has a passion for helping individuals lead a healthier lifestyle through mindfulness, resiliency building, and evidence-based practices. Connect with Myriame via 

Jandy Anderson, Dalian Method Facilitator, Meditation Coach Sharing transformational and meditative work with others is a great joy for me. I met Mada Eliza Dalian, the creator of the Dalian Method in 2001 and have had the superb privilege to study with her since. I am honoured to have been trained by her to facilitate her method and to instruct others in meditation and group workshops. Although I’ve gone to university, gotten a degree and had a successful career in the social services industry - working in many roles coaching, helping, training and leading others - nothing compares to the meaningfulness of the work of looking deeper inside to understand who it is that is here on this journey and why. With the master keys of the Dalian Method and meditation, and with waking up consciousness moment by moment the world opens its heart and each experience becomes a wonder and a delight.