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Dealing with Death - Coquitlam, BC

  • Oasis Wellness Centre 1111 Austin Avenue Coquitlam Canada (map)

Death is often called the great awakener. One of the most essential aspects of life is our human mortality and yet we tend to avoid this topic. In this workshop we will meditate and reflect through writing and dialogue on our beliefs, feelings and experiences of death, mortality, loss and fear of the unknown.

Benefits of this workshop include:
-Let go of the past
-Embrace the unknown
-Get clear on what you need to prioritize in your life
-Make peace with your loved ones
-Let go of attachments and fears
-openly express what is in your heart and mind

This workshop will feature a guided visualization created by Mada Eliza Dalian called: Transcending the Fear of Death and the Unknown.

A description of this meditation follows:
"Transcending the Fear of Death is a beautifully crafted meditation, written and guided by Eliza Mada Dalian. It can help you dis-identify from the fear of death and the unknown, finish unfinished business, deepen self-awareness, increase self-trust, and facilitate the process of healing into consciousness. It allows you to let go of your attachments to your body, emotions, things and people and helps you surrender to the abundance available all around you and open your consciousness to many new possibilities. During the meditation you will have an opportunity to openly express what’s in your heart and mind, and free your being from repressed pain and fear."

Cost: $35
$25 Early Bird tickets until October 15th