Jandy Anderson

Sharing transformational and meditative work with others is a great joy for me. I met Mada Eliza Dalian, the creator of the Dalian Method in 2001 and have had the superb privilege to study with her since. I am honoured to have been trained by her to facilitate her method and to instruct others in meditation and group workshops. Although I’ve gone to university, gotten a degree and had a successful career in the social services industry - working in many roles coaching, helping, training and leading others - nothing compares to the meaningfulness of the work of looking deeper inside to understand who it is that is here on this journey and why. With the master keys of the Dalian Method and meditation, and with waking up consciousness moment by moment the world opens its heart and each experience becomes a wonder and a delight.

I have lived my life taking big leaps and following my hunches. Slowly, through life’s peaks and valleys I’ve come more to the centre, where that spark of tireless enthusiasm, that tends to be my trademark, can be housed and deeply anchored.

My relatives and dear friends are spread all across Canada spanning the Maritime provinces, Ontario and Alberta. I live in New Westminster, near Vancouver, with my partner Matt who was born and raised in Australia.

~Dalian Method Facilitator ~ Meditation Coach ~

~Transformation Enthusiast ~ Advocate for Joy~


Megan Macdonald, PhD

I began working with Mada Dalian in 2013 and quickly realized the power of this method to help others because of the profound effects I experienced after only one session. After years of searching for healing methods that would permanently help me in my personal life, it was transformative to train with Mada to learn to facilitate her method. I’ve benefited from a diverse professional life in event management, theatre, university educator, researcher, yoga, reiki and meditation work. However, it was only once I started working with the Dalian Method that I understood how all of my experiences were preparing me to explore the human condition.

I’ve had the privilege to develop many skills and have done a lot of academic study. While this satisfied part of me, there was a constant curiosity and feeling that there was more to be known. Only through learning to find answers within, to strengthen and rely on my intuition and open my heart have I understood that much was left to be known - and there’s much more to come. I am indebted to Mada for her guidance, trust and incredible wisdom on this journey.

I am originally from PEI and am so pleased to have returned here after many years in Ontario, the UK and Germany. Bringing the consciousness raising work of the Dalian Method to my community is the most fulfilling job I can imagine.

~ Dalian Method Facilitator ~ Wisdom-Keeper ~ Philosopher ~ Yoga Teacher ~