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“I find the Dalian Method to be very effective for clearing my psyche and getting re-centred. Every session reveals what my real issues are at that moment, and helps me get to their root and genuinely address them. ~ What follows is a remarkable sense of clarity and calm, which often lasts for several days. After some sessions I immediately tackle chores or take actions that I’ve been putting off, which frees up energy for forward movement. My post-session “homework” keeps changing to address my needs and priorities. ~ Now I practice independently, every month, using Mada Dalian’s audio files. But I’m very glad that I began with Megan’s introduction and facilitation. Her years of training and personal practice of the method, along with her discerning mind and excellent character, make her someone who can be trusted with a process of this much depth and power.” Peter Copping

“Jandy brought an incredible laser insight into what was happening for me, and gently guided me when I felt stuck, facilitating a very profound shift, different from doing DM on my own. Jandy clearly went over my action steps and helped me make SMART action steps, very achievable. I am very grateful to Mada for creating this and to Jandy for facilitating this, the gift of getting to know myself, it is the best gift ever. There is no comparison to anything else. The DM gets to the root, the real root, and creates a lasting profound shift in all aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have never experienced anything that is as a complete and total shift like the DM is.” Jenny Abel Registered Acupuncturist


“Hands down the simplest most effective "technique" I've ever experienced. I know I probably sound like an infomercial right now, but this work really is a "simple" "effective" "product" that so many people lie about having. All other self-reflective work I've done seems a little insane now. How much effort it took to still be in the same place years later. MORE confused. Jandy is an incredibly skilled, intuitive, direct and loving teacher. Work with her now before the secret gets out and she's booked solid!!” Paul Anthony

“My initial private DM session with Megan uncovered profound feelings of guilt about my finances – a longstanding challenge for me. I was amazed at how quickly we delved into the reasons why I felt this way. At the end of our time together, I experienced enormous relief and gratitude that the Dalian Method had helped me to modify the relationship between my self-worth and money. What’s more, by following the prescribed action steps to integrate my session, this transformation has lasted! ~ Megan is a talented, caring, and compassionate DM Facilitator who’s deeply committed to helping her clients achieve positive results. She creates a welcoming, safe space for them and is gifted with the ability to make them feel totally at ease. ~ I have complete trust in Megan and highly recommend her and the Dalian Method.” Anonymous

“Jandy was an excellent guide and facilitator. This was a transformational session, I am changed through my awareness and encountering my fears. It was a gift. DM is incomparable in the depth of awareness achieved through the methodical expression of emotions and long held pain, fears, beliefs, all exposing the inner truth of my being.” S.A., MSW

“Jandy is a supportive, non-judgemental, and kind facilitator and her passion for sharing the Dalian Method shines through! When I first learned of the Dalian Method, I was a little skeptical and I thought it may be a bit "out there" for me. However, I have always been interested in different healing modalities and I decided it was worth looking into. Jandy was a star at sharing her knowledge and helping me to understand what to expect, and she left no doubts in my mind about booking an appointment. I'm so glad I did! Without exaggeration, the Dalian Method is the most powerful form of self-healing I have ever experienced, and having Jandy as a facilitator and mentor has been a tremendous asset. While you can practice the Dalian Method independently (one of the best things about it!), having a facilitator is really helpful when you're getting oriented to the process or when you want some support in going deeper. I would recommend Jandy and the Dalian Method to anyone at all, but most especially to those who are looking to find more inner peace and empowerment.” Megan Daly

"Jandy is an amazing woman & facilitator of a technique “Dalian Method” if you are truly stuck in any area of your life or health you can shift that into a deeper knowledge & awareness & give yourself an empowering gift of your own true power & worth Jandy helps you to do this beautifully! Easy & step by step technique but the results are incredible, I’ve been healing & working on self introspection of transmuting life’s burdens & though I have had similar experiences of learning how to do this, that took a while to learn, but this gets you there instantly with a step by step technique that is fool proof & no nonsense & the results are incredible. The best part is, once you learn it you are no longer dependant on anyone for healing or answers because you can finally do this independently for yourself! A very self empowering technique, get the answers for yourself." Hajida Festic

“Jandy is gentle, yet very clear in her guidance. She knew just when to say something and when to give me space. I appreciate her ability to sense into the subtle realms and to share what she is seeing and feeling with me. As important as the prompts was Jandy's tuning into the energy of the session. She could clearly feel where I was expanding, and where I was hesitating and not allowing. At these times she urged me to feel and she made space, by pausing the recording, for me to feel more deeply. There is no question how present I felt Jandy was during the session. I could see how attentive she was not only to what I was saying and what I was experiencing through my body and energy, but she was clearly attentive to the inner, deep listening she was feeling/hearing/seeing. I could feel and then see Jandy's attentiveness to multiple levels of awareness at all times. Jandy carefully chose when to share with me. When she did, it always brought what I was sensing to a deeper place. She validated much of what I know and was feeling, allowing me to go even deeper.” Analesa Berg, MA Counselling

"A Dalian Method session with Jandy is transformation in action. Her strength and gentleness create a safe experience which encourages exploration and expression of our deepest emotions. While talking & writing are beneficial to help integrate the changes that arise, DM goes so much deeper than any other therapy I’ve tried. I also love the freedom DM offers - to maintain my own practice in between facilitated sessions with Jandy." Hope Sollows

“I was looking for clarity in my session with Jandy. Clarity about the path that I should be taking going forward in the next chapter of my life. I wanted and thought that I would have a very defined clear road map to take. Through this session I did attain clarity. The clarity I acquired was that there wasn’t a clear and defined path going forward. I recognized that I was holding myself back and had been doing so for some time. Life’s journey has many twists and turns and bumps in the road. When something feels right to you at your very core, then it is the right thing for you. I am now comfortable with that fact.” Mary Aaron

“Jandy is a powerful, compassionate, and knowing soul. She is a courageous facilitator of truth and delights deeply in seeing those she works with connect to themselves and break free from limiting patterns and beliefs. The Dalian Method has completely transformed my life, time and time again, each time addressing a deeper layer. In my last DM session with Jandy, I was working on how to balance all of my many commitments without burning out. I felt powerless and drained, and unsure of how to help those who I felt needed my help. Jandy facilitated my session with a strong subtle insight, bringing to light what was inside me, an awareness I had not been seeing. This 2 hour session could have taken countless counselling sessions, working on the various areas of concern and only addressing it mentally. Whereas with this session, I felt my whole body sink in and relax. I felt my energy expand. I felt a joyous playfulness, and a deep sense of my being. All those areas in my life that felt overwhelming melted away. Following the session, all of my interactions completely changed. I no longer felt exhausted or drained, instead I felt energized and excited and that I could do whatever I wanted to do and share myself in a joyous abundant way. The Dalian Method changes everything, all aspects- if you are ready. I can't think of a better gift to give yourself then getting more connected to yourself and your power and I can't recommend the Dalian Method and Jandy highly enough. See Jandy if you are ready. If you do the work- it will change your life and the lives of those around you in a beautiful, profound way.” J.A.



Workshop Testimonials

“The Dalian Method session gave me things I was always looking for. I can’t recommend anything for improvement. It was perfect." Joyful Rebellion Workshop participant, Melbourne, March 2019

"There are so many wonderful things that I could say about this experience. If I am being honest, I had some concerns about doing such personal work with a group of people that I may or may not know. What I found was, that being in a group and working on the exercises with others actually enhanced the experience. The group created an energy that was supportive to my own personal process. I found it fascinating that what others shared, I could often relate to. It was as though, through their sharing, I was given further insight into my own situations. This helped me take my awareness to a new level. I don’t think it is coincidence that the folks who showed up were exactly those who could help me see some of my blocks more clearly. I hope that I was able to offer the same to them. What shows up, is never an accident, in my opinion. ;-) Megan and Jandy were incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and supportive guides. Highly recommend this workshop." Cindy MacCoubrey, Awaken Workshop 2019


“Regardless of your knowledge in life this can be used by anyone and applied to everything. I wish the workshop was longer. It was so wonderful. When are you coming back?” Joyful Rebellion Workshop participant, Melbourne, March 2019

“Thank you! The words of wisdom form the amazing facilitators, and your insights helped crystalize the process with immediacy!" Awaken Workshop participant, Charlottetown 2019

“Jandy is amazing and so WISE!! I was simply blown away by how she understood each participant and helped them see deeper.” Joyful Rebellion Workshop participant, Melbourne, March 2019

“The most helpful thing was the understanding of “feelings” in my body versus using a descriptive for how I’m feeling. I really enjoyed how Megan clarified anything when unsure.” Workshop participant, Charlottetown, April 2019

“I found the workshop helped me connect to myself. I wish it had been marketed more so that others could enjoy this experience. I loved it. We need more.” Joyful Rebellion Workshop participant, Melbourne, March 2019

“It was helpful being a group in a safe environment to explore something totally new – it’s a method that must be experienced to appreciate. Please keep offering ongoing opportunities! I’d like to express my gratitude that you shared the experience.” Awaken Workshop participant, Charlottetown 2019

“I really appreciated the opportunity to practice the parts before bringing it all together and lots of fun experiences! And I get to leave with concrete next steps! Thank you! You work well together!” Awaken Workshop participant, Charlottetown 2019

“The Dalian Method provides tools for self-expression, self-empowerment, and heightened awareness.” Workshop participant, Charlottetown, April 2019

“This was a wonderful experience. Insights and opportunities to ‘be’ and ‘become’ a new person.” Workshop participant, Charlottetown, April 2019

“Chance to focus on my own issues in a new way. Technique is clearly powerful and transformational.” Joyful Rebellion Workshop participant, Melbourne, March 2019

Awaken Workshop, Charlottetown, PEI, June 2019

Awaken Workshop, Charlottetown, PEI, June 2019

Joyful Rebellion Workshop, Melbourne, Australia, March 2019

Joyful Rebellion Workshop, Melbourne, Australia, March 2019